Droste Festival 2021 - Dark Magic

Waking the Wxtch – Night Walk (Rike Scheffler & Gäste)

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Videografische Nachtwanderung durch mehrere Interventionen | Rike Scheffler, Nazila Kivi, Lucrecia Dalt & Camille Mandoki, Mélissa Laveaux, Aaiún Nin und Sonja vom Brocke

What is a witch? Is it a person or a profession? An idea? Immerse yourself in a digital night walk through the mysterious grounds of Huelshoff castle on the night following midsummer. Guided by independent scholar and literary critic Nazila Kivi, viewers can learn about the historic, contemporary and multi-faceted figure of the witch as a symbol for both feminine oppression and feminist resistance. While treading further into the night, you can interact with haunting and empowering interventions by sound artists Lucrecia Dalt & Camille Mandoki, musician Mélissa Laveaux and poets Aaiún Nin and Sonja vom Brocke, which address the connections between witch-hunts, anti-Semitism, sexism, colonization, coloniality and white supremacy. You will also hear about how to reclaim queer life and death as a tool for liberation. Feel the healing mechanism of subversive feminine power — And prepare to be enchanted!

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