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Site Rules

Welcome to Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus.

The ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION maintains Burg Hülshoff with the Droste Museum, restaurant and park, as well as Haus Rüschhaus with its museum and garden. The buildings and parks enjoy status as protected landmarks.
In order to make your visit as comfortable as possible and ensure your safety on the grounds, we ask you to note the following information:

Opening hours and admission:
The museums within Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus as well as their gardens can be visited in the areas generally accessible to the public during business hours. It is possible that individual exhibition rooms, buildings, sections or building or sections of the gardens may be temporarily closed. The ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION reserves the right to limit visits to Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus in terms of time and space during events. We ask you to please take note of corresponding regulations. You can find the opening hours and admission prices on the respective notice boards, varying opening hours are possible. No admission is charged to visit the parks and gardens of both institutions. Please note that special prices will be charged for special events.

The complete grounds of Burg Hülshoff (castle and park) and Haus Rüschhaus are protected landmarks and may not be altered. The design of the castle and the museums with their parks and gardens do not correspond to today's general safety standard in other areas. We expressly inform you that there are possible uneven surfaces or protruding edges, steep stairs, low railings, ditches that are not fenced off as well as streams, et cetera that can be encountered both within the buildings as well as throughout the grounds. In light of this, we ask you to please understand that we cannot assume any liability for damages caused by negligence. As a result, you enter the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus and their surrounding parks at your own risk. We ask you to pay close attention when leaving the paths so that you do not endanger yourself on possible uneven terrain. Please note that there is no or only limited snow and ice removal in areas and on paths. Warning signs pointing out hazards have not been placed everywhere for design-related reasons.

Suggestions for appropriate behavior:
• Please be considerate of other visitors. Please conduct yourself in such a manner that other visitors are not impeded, hassled or endangered and that museum objects are not damaged. The hassling or endangerment of other persons is not allowed. Violations of this regulation can be prosecuted by us as domestic disturbances.
• Persons with an obligation to supervise groups (teachers, et cetera) as well as guardians must uphold their responsibility in the museums, buildings and on the grounds.
• Parents are liable for the actions of their children.
• It is generally not permitted to touch the objects on display. The use of objects that are capable of damaging the objects on display is not permitted.
• Open flame, grilling and fireworks are prohibited.
• The consumption of food and drinks the guests have brought with them is not permitted in the museums or in the restaurant at Burg Hülshoff.
• Note for wedding parties: Neither rice nor flower petals may be thrown in the inner courtyard of Burg Hülshoff. The independent organization of a reception on the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus is prohibited.
• Bridal couples who would like to be photographed against the romantic backdrop must register. A fee will be charged.
• The plants cultivated in the historic gardens as well as all other vegetation must be protected; this means no flowers or other plants may be picked.
• Bicycles are not permitted on the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus.
• Dogs and other animals may not be brought into the museums and the exhibitions. Please keep dogs on leashes throughout the entire premises. Help us to keep the grounds at Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus clean by being sure to clean up anything your four-legged friend leaves behind.
• Please use the containers provided for any trash.
• Burg Hülshoff and the grounds are protected by video monitoring.
• Private photography and filming without the use of lights and tripods is generally allowed on the grounds, but not in the museums. Photography and film that is intended to be used commercially or for PR work requires the prior permission of the management. We expressly refer to the conditions of the copyright law.
• Tours of the grounds and museums are organized and conducted exclusively by the ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION. For more information and to book tours, please contact the administration of both institutions.

Supervisory staff:
The supervisory staff at Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus have been instructed to ensure that all points within these site rules are followed. They are authorized to make decisions in the interest of the ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION. For this reason, all instructions given by supervisory staff must be followed. Visitors who repeatedly disrespect the site rules and do not following the instructions of the supervisory staff can be banned from the premises. The admission price will not be refunded to guests banned from the grounds or the museums.

The ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION is only liable for deliberate actions and gross negligence. The visitors to the museums and parks are liable for any damages they cause according to the legal regulations. We thank you warmly for your support and wish you a pleasant and comfortable visit to Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus.