House Rules

© Harald Humberg

Herzlich Welcome to Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus

The ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION maintains Burg Hülshoff with the Droste Museum, the restaurant and park facilities, as well as Haus Rüschhaus with its museum and gardens. The buildings and parks are listed as historical monuments.
In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to ensure your safety on the grounds, we ask you to observe the following instructions:

Opening hours and admission
The museum of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus as well as their gardens can be visited during opening hours in the areas open to the general public. Individual exhibition rooms, buildings, parts of buildings or garden areas may be temporarily closed. The ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION reserves the right to restrict visits to Burg Hülshoff and Rüschhaus House during events, both spatially and temporally. We ask you to observe the corresponding regulations. The opening hours and admission fees can be found on the respective notice boards, deviating opening hours are possible. There is no entrance fee for visiting the park and gardens of the two houses. Please note that special prices are also charged for special events.

Hazard information
The entire grounds of Burg Hülshoff (castle and park) and Haus Rüschhaus are protected monuments and may not be altered. The design of the castle, the museums with the park and gardens does not meet the safety standards that are common in other areas today. We draw your attention to possible uneven surfaces or tripping hazards, steep stairs, low railings, unfenced moats and streams, etc., which may occur both inside the buildings and in the open-air grounds. Against this background, we ask for your understanding that we cannot accept any liability for property damage caused by negligence. Entering the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus and the surrounding park area is therefore at your own risk. Especially when leaving the paths, we ask for increased attention so that you do not endanger yourself on partly impassable terrain. Please note that there is no or only limited winter maintenance on areas and paths. For design reasons, warning signs do not indicate danger points everywhere.

How to behave.
Please be considerate of other visitors. Please behave in such a way that other visitors are not hindered, harassed or endangered and that museum objects are not damaged. Please refrain from harassing or endangering other persons. Violations may be punished by us as trespassing.
Persons responsible for supervision (teachers, etc.) as well as legal guardians must fulfill their duty of supervision in the museums, buildings and on the grounds.
Parents are liable for their children.
As a matter of principle, it is not permitted to touch exhibited objects. It is not permitted to handle objects that are likely to cause damage to the exhibits.
The burning of open fires, barbecues and fireworks are prohibited.
The consumption of food and beverages brought along is not permitted in the museum rooms or in the catering facilities of Burg Hülshoff.
Note for wedding parties: No rice or flower petals may be thrown in the inner courtyard of Burg Hülshoff. It is prohibited to hold a reception independently in the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus.
Wedding couples who wish to be photographed exclusively in front of the romantic backdrops must register. A fee will be charged.
The planting in the historic gardens as well as other vegetation must be protected; i.e. no flowers or other plants may be picked.
Bicycles may not be taken onto the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus.
Dogs or other animals are not allowed in the museums and the exhibitions. Please keep dogs on a leash throughout the grounds. Please help us to keep the grounds of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus clean by removing any waste left by your four-legged friends.
Please use the bins provided for your waste.
Burg Hülshoff and the grounds are under video surveillance.
Photography and filming without the use of a tripod and lights are generally permitted for private purposes on the grounds, not in the museums. Prior consent must be obtained from the management for photographs that are to be used commercially or in the context of press work. Attention is drawn to the legal provisions of copyright law.
Guided tours on the grounds and in the museums are organized and conducted exclusively by the ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION. Please contact the administration of both houses for information and bookings.

Supervisory staff
The supervisory staff of Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus are instructed to ensure that all points of these house rules are observed. They are authorized to issue orders in the interest of the ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION. For this reason, all instructions given by the supervisory staff must be followed. Visitors who repeatedly fail to comply with the house rules and the instructions of the supervisory staff may be banned from the premises. In case of expulsion from the premises or from the museums, the admission fee will not be refunded.

The ANNETTE VON DROSTE ZU HÜLSHOFF FOUNDATION is only liable for intent and gross negligence. Museum and park visitors are liable for damages caused by them according to the legal regulations. We thank you very much for your support and wish you a pleasant and informative stay at Burg Hülshoff and Haus Rüschhaus.