Droste Festival 2021 - Dark Magic

I Put a Spell on You, mit deutschsprachiger Synchronisation (John Burnside, Bernhard Robben, effacé)

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Lesung & Gespräch mit Musikbegleitung zum gleichnamigen Roman von John Burnside
John Burnside mit Bernhard Robben und effacé (DJ)

John Burnside’s memoir I Put a Spell on You is about the enchanting power of love - and of music. The well-known British writer takes us along to his youth in a working class environment in Northern England and to the promises of pop songs, destructive passions, failed lives and the glamourous stars who made up the soundtrack of the 1970s. Burnside is able to narrate warmly and personally while simultaneously directing a sharp gaze to the fine mechanics of our cohabitation. We let ourselves be put under the spell of this master storyteller who is able to glean a dark sheen from the most every day of things. Together with his translator Bernhard Robben, he will read from his book with musical accompaniment from effacé.

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