Droste Festival 2021 - Dark Magic

Das Kachelbad-Dossier (Hendrik Otremba & Gäste)

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Szenische Lesung zum Roman Kachelbads Erbe von Hendrik Otremba | Hendrik Otremba, P.A. Hülsenbeck, Dilery Sanchez Hülsenbeck, Dominik Otremba alias Performance

Hendrik Otremba’s novel Kachelbads Erbe (Kachelbad’s Legacy) tells the story of two people who voluntarily allow themselves to be frozen in the hopes of a future that can bring them back to life. Cryogenics as the dream of eternal life - or death? The Kachelbad Dossier deconstructs the novel into its components part in a performative staged reading that is accompanied visually, musically as well as by dance. The text is taken back to the level of its creation, to research materials and loose notes in order to follow the ghosts whispering between the lines of the pages of the book. An animation by Felix Feldmann transforms the stage into a central location of the novel. In the middle someone with a bandage wrapped around their head is sitting and reading. What has happened to him? Is he the author? Is he dead? Or a necromancer?

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