Liberty Lestrange

© Matthias Schink

Liberty Lestrange is a political art figure.

"Personally, I was influenced by the church for half my life, which wasn't the worst thing. My imprinting has influenced many of my most positive aspects. However, because I was shaped by very devout, strict churches, I also learned that my homosexuality was sin. When I met my current boyfriend and fiancé four years ago, I suddenly realized that I would not be happy if I suppressed my feelings about men. To challenge the church to think about people being different, I created my art character Liberty Lestrange. She is strong, fearless, and stands up to those who are too narrow-minded themselves."

Liberty exists at parties, with stage programs or as a receptionist, to moderate or even in interviews. No matter what she does, she always has something to say.

Events with Liberty Lestrange