Heinz-Helge Nieswandt

© Julia Holtkötter

Heinz-Helge Nieswandt, born on October 30, 1958, lives in Münster.
After graduating from high school, he devoted himself to the study of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, Educational Sciences, Art History and German Studies in Münster. In 1988 he studied "Museum didactic activities in the archaeological museum of the WWU" M.A. in Münster and later earned his doctorate in "Iconographic and iconological studies on the representation of rulers in xanthic dynastic tombs". Since 1997 Nieswandt has been a research assistant at the Archaeological Museum, since 12/2002 curator.
In addition to his work in the museum, his main areas of interest are the study of the Greeks and their neighbors, in particular the so-called Graeco-Persian art in Asia Minor; imagery, in this case the cultural-historical interpretation of Greek pictorial art and numismatics, in this case coin images as self-representation of the mints or personalities.