Krista Burger

© Krista Burger

Krista Burger (* Netherlands) is a freelance artist. Based on storytelling through images, her works often explore questions of the design of public and private space. In doing so, she consciously refers to the everyday.

The medium ranges from drawing, live video, performance and installations to graphics and illustrations. Working collaborations such as image improvisations with musicians, music theater performances such as Koschka und Heimprofi and projects with, among others, the design office Anschlaege and the visual artist Naamloozz have taken her to Germany, Spain, Austria and Mexico. She also does visual design work for the theater, including the opera Run Lola Run in the production of the Hagen Theater.

For the Center for Literature she recently worked on the Wörterbuch der Fürsorge/ Woordenboek der Zorg (Dictionary of Care/ Woordenboek of Care). In workshops in the Netherlands and Germany she worked out questions and themes on the topic of care and welfare.

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