Andreas Bülhoff

Andreas Bülhoff und Marc Matter © Jana Zwick

Andreas Bülhoff is an author and literary scholar living in Berlin.
He completed his PhD on interface concepts of digital and post-digital text art at the Kolleg für Gegenwartsliteraturforschung Schreibszene Frankfurt. In 2018 and 2019, he published a weekly zine on these topics. Since summer 2019, he has been working with Annette Gilbert on a Library of Artistic Print on Demand. Soon the Soundpoetry LP *ɅV - A Sound Writing Tool produced with Marc Matter will be released by Research & Waves.
It deals with text and text technologies and their specific materialities and practices in the post-digital. Possible outputs are zines, bookworks, sound poetry or literary texts. Possible means are artistic research, interface or techno-logy criticism and publishing as artistic practice.

Events with Andreas Bülhoff