Kastania Waldmüller

© Jin Wang

Kastania Waldmüller, born in 1996, is a visual artist and designer.
She paints, writes narratives and is concerned with how the ideas of a time are written down not only literally, but also in the language of motifs and forms. In particular, the question of how these traces can be taken up or reinterpreted plays a central role in her work.
In doing so, she recognizes collective remembering and forgetting as processes to which one is not simply exposed. Rather, they are processes in which one inevitably participates. She is currently studying typography and graphic design at the HFBK Hamburg.

As part of the syndicat des auteurs, she participated in the exhibition Magazine at the Kunstverein in Hamburg in 2021. In the same year she showed the picture cycle Die allerletzte Suppe at Galerie Schrank. Two short stories written with Leonhard Hieronymi appeared in the magazine Metamorphosen (issues #26, #30).

Events with Kastania Waldmüller