Christoph Wenzel

Christoph Wenzel (born 1979 in Hamm) writes poetry and essays, edits and curates. After four volumes of poetry so far, most recently: lidschluss (Edition Korrespondenzen, 2015), a new volume will be published by Edition Korrespondenzen in the fall of 2022. He has received various literary prizes for his poems, including the Alfred Gruber Prize, the GWK Literature Prize, the Rolf Dieter Brinkmann Scholarship, and the Dresden Poetry Prize.
He is an editorial member of the German-Dutch-Flemish poetry journal TRIMARAN, has co-edited the anthology Brotjobs & Literatur, among others, and curates the online poetry anthology @fluss_laut on Instagram.
The habitats of Christoph Wenzel's poems are not infrequently transition zones from the urban to the rural, literary geographies as in-between spaces, crisscrossed by traffic arteries, decaying nuclear power plants, wind turbines.

Events with Christoph Wenzel