virtuellestheater was founded in 2015 by seven performance artists living in Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam and organized as a registered association in 2017. The free collective structure with an affiliated support association for virtual art practice makes it possible to consciously support and co-produce the work of others beyond the ranks of the members. virtuellestheater is thus not only a group name, but also the designation of a particular approach to (performative) art. virtuellestheater and virtuellestheater e.V. create space for new alliances and form partnerships. In ever new internal constellations and cross-border and cross-genre collaborations with others, they see the best conditions for subversive contemporary critique and for artistic research beyond neoliberal-Western thinking. Using non-linear narrative forms, digital media and new technologies, they thus create speculative performance installations for a good life and better futures.

GGG – Global Glitch Gardens – eine virtuelle Ausstellung zum Natur am Bau Festival.