Tevfik Turan


Tevfik Turan (*1954) graduated from the University of Istanbul with a degree in German Studies. From 1974-79, he worked as a German teacher at the Istanbul Goethe Institute, then as a lecturer at the Istanbul German Department. From the summer semester of 1981 until the end of October 2019, he worked as a lecturer in Turkish at the Department of Turkish Studies of the Asia-Africa Institute of the University of Hamburg. He translates literature and non-fiction mainly for Turkish publishers (Tarabya Translator Award 2016).

Tevfik Turan has written textbooks and dictionaries on the Turkish language, (co-)edited story collections, and translated several works from German into Turkish. He also translates works of Turkish literature into German, mainly in a team with Christina Tremmel-Turan, with whom he also runs the Verlag auf dem Ruffel.