Sigrid Horn

© Mila Zytka

The Viennese singer-songwriter Sigrid Horn makes you think with her socially critical songs. She sings in an obstinate dialect, accompanying herself with ukulele or piano. Both spatially and artistically she commutes between country and city and takes something from both into her music. Before her solo activities, she was the front woman of a band for years, with which she performed several times at protest song contests. As a solo artist, she also ventured into other genres, exploring poetry slam and hip-hop stages under a different name. Socially critical and feminist themes run like a thread through her artist existence. In 2020, she presents her second album i bleib do at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and is met with enthusiasm: the Viennese weekly Falter voted it among the most important 50 Austropop albums of the past 50 years.

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