Marvin Blamberg

© Andre Symann

Marvin Blamberg (*1987, Thuringia) is a musician and lecturer for percussion at the music school in Gevelsberg and lives in Cologne. Since 2015, he has been part of Jan Klar's 25-person strong formation The Dorf and the Berlin-based post-jazz group AG Form. At the same time he is part of several satellite projects around The Dorf and works with artists from various fields. Marvin Blamberg has released over ten studio albums with various projects. He has toured the USA, China and Switzerland and has been a sideman in a wide variety of musical and radio productions as well as with the renowned Circus Roncalli.
In 2017, Marvin Blamberg composed and performed the music for the play KONTROLLE by Gwendolin Lamping and has been a recurring musician at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus since 2019.

Events with Marvin Blamberg