Kadir Özdemir

© Armin Wühle

Kadir Özdemir lives in Hanover and Izmir and has been dealing with the topics of LGBTIQ*, flight and migration for fifteen years. He not only writes regular columns for the migration portal Migazin and the Staatstheater Hannover, but is simultaneously working on his debut novel Leuchtende Spuren (AT) and the play Atmen about toxic masculinity. From March to June 2022, Özdemir will write as a regional author for the cultural region of Aachen on his project Blasen.

Kadir Özdemir has already published in numerous anthologies and literary magazines. In addition to literature, he founded the theater group Die Migrationserb*innen, which is made up of actors with their own experience of flight and migration, and in whose productions he incorporates his own scenic texts.

Events with Kadir Özdemir