1000 Gram

© Paul Aidan Perry

Are guitars the better people? In any case, they are car ride, passing clouds, kisses, drugs, tears, they are the way back from the forest and the hours of wandering in a strange city. And they are always memory.
The opening strum of It's a shame about Ray by the Lemonheads is clearly a summer day. Every bent string on Dinosaur Jr. is a take on life, the circling chords of Buffalo Toms Taillights Fade a last encounter, and the rattling guitars of Broken Social Scenes Halfway Home the climax of a party in the dim light.

And you know what's weird? Without effort, every song on the new record by international indie consortium 1000 Gram can be included in this list. To I like you, we drove to the south at the time, with the window open. The whirring electric guitars of Galloping breeze saved us from madness at night in the subway. Sleep all day with the familiar voice of Moritz Lieberkühn was played at every relaxed festival we ever went to. Or will be?

How can it be? By all dreams necessary is a record we have long owned and yet never heard. It is memory and hope, buzzing around us like a long forgotten dream, inciting us to mischief we won't do until next year. Music from a lost time that still lies ahead. A jubilant soon everything was better.

Music like this can possibly only be made by people who have been brought together by the wind: West-Berlin half-Swedish Moritz Lieberkühn (vocals, guitar), Finn Arne Braun (guitar), Austrian Paul Santner (bass), Swede Alexander Simm (guitar) and German Lukas Akintaya (drums) are 1000 Gram. Although the indie rock of the nineties, noughties and tens reigns here, the Gram in the band name could also come from 1000 Gram- Parson songs.

By all dreams necessary was recorded under the care of Moses Schneider at Ingo Krauss in the Candy Bomber Studio.

Oh yes, one question remains: How can you not want to immediately hear an album whose name is one of the most wonderful puns in a long time? See. After all, I know this. One wants to. And must.