Droste Festival 2021 - Dark Magic

Undine tanzt! (TanzPoeten) - Audiowalk

Magic on the dance floor: Undine is going dancing - and she is shaking up the grounds of the digital festival! Over the course of a text, media and dance lab, four poets and the dancer Willie Stark have conducted research into the worldwide phenomenon of mythological mermaids, including, amongst others, those in the moat of Burg Hülshoff. Long before Ingeborg Bachmann, Annette von Droste-Hülshoff also dealt with the myth of Undine in her novel Ledwina. The TanzPoeten, or dance poets, now present a modern Undine myth, musical, poetical and danceable. Alongside the realization in dance form, a text and sound collage that leads through the castle park has also been created. The production of the four elements in sound and word is an audio walk to be heard while lying down, a poetic ritual for the ears and a meditation on sounds that moves us and reminds of the significance of the forces of nature.

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