Hamed Abboud

© Nina Oberleitner

The author Hamed Abboud moves between the world built up in his head and the external one, between destruction and reconstruction, departure and arrival. With his impulsive texts he tries to order the old world and explore the new. What factors influence our belonging to a place and how can a one hundred and sixty square meter flat share trigger a feeling of confinement and an attic chamber mean freedom and expanse?

His texts aim, among other things, to discover the relationship to the place of residence and to follow the traces to the longed-for paradise.

Born in Syria in 1987. In Aleppo, he began studying telecommunications technology, which has since lain fallow due to the outbreak of war. At the end of 2012, he fled Syria, and after stopovers in Egypt, Dubai and Turkey, he arrived in Austria at the end of 2014. In 2017, he published his bilingual book Der Tod Backt einen Geburtstagskuchen (Death Bakes a Birthday Cake), which he takes on reading tours in German-speaking countries.