Frouke Arns

© Goedele Monnens

Frouke Arns was born in 1964 in Handorf, Germany. She grew up bilingual and studied English in Nijmegen (NL). She is a lyricist, literary translator and poet.

Her poems have been published in several Dutch and Flemish publications. She won, among others, the Meander Poetry Prize, the Literature Prize of the city of Harelbeke and the Rinke Tolman Poetry Prize. In 2011, she won the Literature Prize of the Province of Gelderland with a short story.

Her poetry debut, Mensen die je misschien kent, was published in 2013. In 2015-2016 she was the city poet of Nijmegen. All the poems she wrote during this time are gathered in the volume Eigen Terrein (2017). In the fall of 2018, her third volume will be published by De Arbeiderspers under the title De camembertmethode.