Elizabeth Prentis


Elizabeth Prentis, born in London in 1994, studied Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Art and Design from 2013 to 2016. Since then she has been working as a visual artist with a focus on sculpture, performance and performative intervention. Her work is characterized by processuality: live experiments and actions are curated but never rehearsed, so that always and intentionally leaves room for the unexpected and the risk of "failure." Absurdity, (inter)action, and humor are hallmarks of Prentis' work, as are feminist approaches to male-dominated areas of everyday life (hardware stores, heavy equipment), and unusual materials (slime, food). Prentis has exhibited internationally, including in the UK, Russia, America, Iceland, and Germany. This is her fifth collaboration with virtuellestheater, and the third work in personal union with Max Gadow and Sven Björn Popp.