Droste im Glashaus (Rita Morrien)

Droste im Glashaus (Rita Morrien)
© Alice D. Bleistein

"Rusty stands the moon's silver shield" or Who's that Woman in the Mirror?

Conflicting voices, spies in the mirror, domestic nature as a projection space of the Other: these aspects are at the center of the audiovisual installation that students of the University of Paderborn are setting up in the Rüschhaus under the direction of Rita Morrien. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's former bedchamber thus becomes a place of other encounter, where familiar Droste verses are taken up dialogically and become the subject of a creative transcription/fading.

The project is a guest performance of the intermedial exhibition and event series Mit Droste im Glashaus - 21 artists take a look and will be realized with actors from the Theater Paderborn.