Sabrina Janesch reads from her novel Sibir. In this story of emigrants, she tells of two childhoods in the 20th century. Once at the time of the Second World War in Central Asia. And once fifty years later in northern Germany. The word that ten-year-old Josef Ambacher picks up sounds terrifying: Siberia. Adults use it for everything that lies in the distant, foreign East. It was there, to Kazakhstan, that hundreds of thousands of German civilians were deported by the Soviet army in 1945, including Josef. He finds himself in a harsh, but also wondrous, mythical world - and learns to assert himself against the steppe.
Mühlheide, 1990: Josef Ambacher is confronted with his past when a wave of resettlers arrives in the small town in Lower Saxony after the collapse of the Soviet Union. His daughter Leila is caught between two worlds and has to mediate - at a time when she herself is trying to understand and banish the ghost of history. Sabrina Janesch's novel tells of the search for home, the ghosts of the past and the love that is able to conquer them.

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Sabrina Janesch


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