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The scholarship holders of the residency programme will present their artistic projects at the Schaukasten. This year it's Leonie Hoh, Uwe Huth, Suse Itzel, Jingyuan Luo, Jennifer de Negri and Lisa Reutelsterz.
Readings, screenings and performances await you. All contributions are united by a look back at an exciting residency year 2023!

And this is what awaits you:

»Glaubst du etwa, mir tut das nicht weh?«
Reading + conversation
with Leonie Hoh
In 1973, the Chilean military staged a coup against Salvador Allende's government. Exactly 50 years later, Leonie Hoh asks her partner and his grandparents about this one event that still shapes the biographies of everyone in the family today. But how can you write about a family trauma that is not your own - and just as little invented? Through a reading of translated transcripts and a dialogue, Leonie Hoh provides insight into a painful writing process that is repeatedly brought to a halt by concerns about personal responsibility.

ding aus holz
with Uwe Huth and Sarah Ehrlenbruch
A man falls into a river, Heath Ledger makes an appearance, a chicken is questioned about the nature of scepticism.
Uwe Huth reads two cycles from his first book of poetry, which is currently in the making: st. nepomuk and ding aus holz. He will be accompanied by Sarah Ehrlenbruch, with whom he has already collaborated in the past. Ehrlenbruch will supplement the reading with his own poems, whereby the texts of the two will enter into dialogue and comment on each other.

Ich möchte die Grausamkeit in Stücke schneiden
Collective reading
Suse Itzel in cooperation with the Lesebürger*innen
How would you react if you learnt that someone you knew had been sexually abused in their childhood? What would I have to do to make my body mine again? What would have happened if I had reported my father in my late 20s? There is a space between stimulus and response. In this space lies our power to choose our reaction. A temporary reading community creates space for emotion and reflection.

Animated film
by Jingyuan Luo
It begins with the death of a mother, but does not end there. The film follows the protagonist, who lives under China's strict censorship, as she witnesses the tragedy of mother and daughter on the internet. From the helpless bystander to the silenced eyewitness to the beginning of self-censorship, the protagonist's perception of the facts and memory constantly shifts.
What does life look like when a memory defined as sensitive becomes not only a threat to one's own life from an external source, but also a fear of self-censorship from within?

ein pilzgespinst
magic lecture performance
by Jennifer de Negri
The long poem ein pilzgespinst is in the tradition of nature writing and deals with the world of fungi. The poetic exploration of fungi is about deterritorialisation, about shifting, dispersing and redecinating meanings, attributions and representations - poems not only as points of connection, but as starting points for constantly growing networks that need to be spun further. Fluid, symbiotic, parasitic and a little magical.

This S. Does Not Exist - Imitate
by Lisas Reutelsterz
In her project This S. Does Not Exist, media artist Lisa Reutelsterz explores audiovisual approaches that deal with the integration of human emotions into artificial systems in an artistic and multimedia way. She draws on personal recordings (video, speech, image) of her fears of snakes in the New Mexican desert. Some of this material serves as a training basis for her own artificial neural network. - Imitate, which can be seen in the 2023 showcase, represents one chapter of this oeuvre.

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Förderer & Kooperationen

Das Residenzprogramm Literarisches Schreiben ist eine Kooperation mit der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (KHM) und wird vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen gefördert.