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SALVATION (Glitter Doesn't Care I'm a Boy)

Re:Reading Droste, Care, Poetik des Publikums/Poetics of the public

03. Juli 2019 – 22:00 Uhr

(c) David Beercroft

Shlomi moto Wagner

Shlomi moto Wagner ist ein interdisziplinärer Performer und Opernsänger. Er wurde in Israel geboren und studierte an der Tel Aviv Music Academy und an der Manhattan School of Music in New York, als Solist sang er in Orchestern weltweit.
Aber nicht nur das: Shlomi moto Wagner ist Mazy Mazeltov ist Wendy Williams ist Wisława Szymborska ist Fran Drescher ist Hélène Cixous und ihre Medusa ist David Copperfield und Claudia Schiffer IN EINEM KÖRPER! Also was ist hier die Realität und was Fiktion?
Und was kommt heraus? Ein Konzert, ein Drag Queen Musical, ein Monolog-Slam, eine Zaubershow, eine Bar Mizva oder einfach: a party with the people? Stehen die Requisiten bereit? Puder, Lippenstift und Glitzer? Alright. Let’s work for our magic!

SALVATION (Glitter Doesn't Care I'm a Boy) is a science fiction drag ritual based on visions and fantasies Shlomi moto Wagner has experienced since he was three years old. It explores transformations, mutations and re-manifestations of the idea of being, the sensuality of being a body, the politics of having a body and the poetics of sharing a bodily experience. All bodies are welcome and audience participation is highly encouraged.


DRAG started the day I had to sing the role of Papageno in Mozart’s The Magic Flute and the makeup artist showed me how I should disguise my masculine features [no idea what he was referring to]. Or rather, let’s start again, drag started that time the third director I got to work with in Germany, yelled my way during a rehearsal »Man up and don’t be afraid of girls«; - so I became one. Or drag started when cave men wore their female’s fur or did it start when I moved to Berlin in the freezing winter cold and all I had was a fur coat [vegan]. Or when I met Kiki in NY who introduced me to RuPaul’s drag race. Or the first time I started talking to myself with female pronouns [only when I was upset at myself though]. I used to be afraid of drag queens.

— Shlomi moto Wagner

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