Wappen Burg Hülshoff
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The Annette von Droste zu Hülshoff Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity under civil law with its registered office in Havixbeck, Schonebeck 6, Burg Hülshoff.

It exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the German Tax Code.

The purpose of the foundation is: the promotion of art and culture, science and research, education and upbringing as well as the promotion of the protection and preservation of historical monuments, especially the preservation and promotion of the cultural and art-historical values associated with the name of von Droste zu Hülshoff and their communication to posterity and the public.

The foundation's purpose is realized in particular through the preservation and maintenance of Burg Hülshoff, the outer castle and the park, through cultural and scientific events at Burg Hülshoff and the nearby Haus Rüschhaus, research projects, the awarding of research commissions, prize awards, the awarding of scholarships, the maintenance of art and literature collections, art, literature and historical exhibitions.

To fulfill this purpose in a public-facing way, the Foundation established Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature, an innovative programming operation, in 2018.

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