Neujahrsvorsätze/ New Year’s Resolutions


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  1. there are far more worthy pursuits than being liked. like being.
  2. not all knots need to be untied. you are not for everyone, you are for you. how devastating. how gorgeous.
  3. their fear is not your own. emancipate yourself from their shame. protect your beauty.
  4. authenticity is an orientation, not a destination. live many lives. each one as true as the last.
  5. redefine failure as stagnancy, not sinking. perhaps the treasure you were seeking was waiting there all along. beneath your capsized ego.
  6. perfection is a eugenic ideal. love people for who they are, not what you think they should be.
  7. no one is coming to rescue you. this is not a tragedy, it’s an opportunity. become the person you were waiting for.
  8. feeling is dangerous. but what do you call disassociation? better to know the origin of a bruise than not.
  9. there are words & worlds that don’t exist yet. make them up. few things are more real than fiction.
  10. design murals for all the miracles. paint them in every conversation. make hope contagious.
  11. once upon a time someone felt your loneliness. find ancestors. become their living memorial.