Droste Festival 2021 - Dark Magic

Magier unter sich und unter uns: Thomas Kling und Sigmar Polke, Teil 2 (A. Polke, M. Beyer, G. Wix) - Droste Festival 2021

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Gesprächsrunde mit Anna Polke, Marcel Beyer, Sophia Stang, Gabriele Wix

Poisonous substances, transformations, parapsychological phenomena - you can expect all of these things when you engage with Thomas Kling and Sigmar Polke. The poet Kling experimented with languages and the painter Polke experimented with colors and materials. Both were fascinated by the notion of artists as alchemists. This evening will be dedicated to the magical correspondences in the works of these two exceptional artists. They encountered each other in their excitement for materiality and processes - and so we will encounter them. In this discussion, we will meet three proven experts on the podium in the persons of Marcel Beyer, Gabriele Wix and Anna Polke and we will find out what we can learn from Kling and Polke about materials and their effects as well as about changes of perspective and the resonances between word and image.

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