YOU ARE is an international group of students from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM).

Their eponymous performance was created as part of the Performance seminar by Daniel Burkhardt and Tobias Yves Zintel in 2016. The first public performance took place in the Rundgang of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in July 2017. From this, the performance collective YOU ARE GROUP has developed.

You Are is an ongoing project. Each time, the staging of the piece refers anew to the respective context. In 2018, the performance was also shown at the festival Schaustellen! at Burg Hülshoff.

YOU ARE GROUP focuses on developing an artistic practice that incorporates the sensibility of spoken language and the conscious use of the performative body. They explore the idea of collective authorship. Their creative process consists primarily of task-based improvisation and the resulting experiences are used to filter and deconstruct political and personal narratives.

The members are:
Sina Guntermann
Danila Lipatov
Andreas Niegl
Marios Pavlou
Hye Young Sin
Karen Zimmermann