Yair Karelic

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Born in Israel in 1979.

With degrees in classical guitar and composition from the prestigious Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan and hundreds of performances on electric guitar throughout Europe with his various projects, Yair Karelic is a highly experienced artist and qualified teacher of guitar, songwriting, theory, harmony and composition. He has shared the stage with artists such as Eagles Of Death Metal, Spectrum, Dum Dum Girls, Dwarves, Dream Wife and others.

Yair's knowledge and experience blend in an exciting and complex way to unfold the secrets and specifics of songwriting and music production. He is now signed to the 8MM Music label with his band City At Dark (formerly RÁN) and is on the DQ Agency roster alongside artists such as The Raveonettes, Candice Gordon, Dream Wife and others.
Yair and his partner in City At Dark, Laura Landergott (Ja, Panik), are currently preparing their first album to follow up their acclaimed debut EP Hunt Like Lions, which originally caught the attention of DQ Agency.

In addition to his work in popular music, Yair Karelic was also personal assistant to Luca Francesconi, one of the most important contemporary classical composers, and transcribed a number of Francesconi's works into their final layout, which was released by BMG Music.

He also composed original soundtracks for the plays of Sanchís Sinisterra, Xavier Albertí and Juan Diego (Barcelona / Madrid 2004 - 2006).