Wilko Franz

Wilko Franz
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Wilko Franz immersed himself in the Münster art and culture scene from 2004-2007 through writing all kinds of stories, poems and concepts and first theater experiences (script, dramaturgy and assistant director). Or slipped down. Just as you like.
This led to the organization of the first of six interdisciplinary RESET festivals in 2009 - at that time around the dance theater piece of the same name. With a black eye and the remaining ideals escaped, it went on with his own living room show Die Leserpistole, from 2011 as part of the reading stage Krawehl and in the following years with more and more small or large cultural mixed concepts.
As a career changer, he is so now for over 10 years professionally active in the Münsterland under the "RESET mixed arts" label. In 2019 he has taken over the artistic direction at the newly founded RESET e.V..
The development of new formats, the staging, curation and implementation of interdisciplinary and site-specific art and culture projects, as well as the programming of special music festivals between concert and performance have emerged as the main focus of his work.