vT corp. – Hannah Müller & Max Gadow

Hannah Müller and Max Gadow are co-founders of the artist collective virtuellestheater (2015) and have made a new start as a duo at the end of 2020 with vT corp., which is intended to reorient their joint work and carry it into the future.
In doing so, they keep one foot in their artistic roots, the theater. But they are also consciously taking a step in the direction of the visual arts, neither to leave one world nor to cross over completely into the other. Rather, it is precisely the balancing act between the two disciplines that gives them inspiration, strength, and precisely the framework they need for their hybrid works.
Much of their work has always fallen into the realm of fine art or video art. Hybrid forms between spatial installations, performances and exhibition formats complement their theater work in classical venues. Their artistic collaboration has now been going on for over a decade and is closely linked to their friendship, which is reflected in much of their work.

Events with vT corp. – Hannah Müller & Max Gadow