Uta Ruge

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Uta Ruge is an author, editor and Feldenkrais teacher. She deals with voices that have been censored and devalued, with people who have become socially insignificant, and seeks forms of expression that go beyond genre.
Uta Ruge spent several years of her life in England and wrote as a freelance author for ARD radio, but also for newspapers such as Taz and the international journal Index on Censorship. In 2020, she published her nonfiction book Farmers, Land. The Story of My Village in the World Context, in which she combines her own experiences as the daughter of a farming family with knowledge about cultural-structural change and agriculture. The book was nominated for the Leipzig Book Prize. At the Droste Festival 2022, she will give an opening lecture entitled Stadt/Land im Fluss.

Events with Uta Ruge