Tomás Espinosa

Tomás Espinosa
© Daniella Hefter

Tomás Espinosa (*1985 in Bogotá) is an artist.
His work consists in investigating performative situations that take place in and outside public spaces, in which the Berlin-based artist explores the histories of their place and the circumstances of possible encounters. Since 2009, Espinosa has repeatedly created installations, working with ceramics, mirrors and his own body. His installations often address the relationship between private and public situations.

Since 2015, Espinosa has collaborated with the Trans Community Network, developing interventions in public spaces through workshops with the aim of increasing the visibility of the trans community and assisting in the fight for their rights.

Since 2017, Tomás Espinosa has also collaborated with artist Artúr van Balen (NL) and the Tools For Action Foundation. The two artists, together with Red Comunitaria Trans in Bogotá, developed the project Transinflable (2018-2019), a creative laboratory that uses the construction of inflatable sculptures for demonstrations as a catalyst, in support of the community and generation of a new social mobilization.

Events with Tomás Espinosa