Tobias Roth

© Axel Gundermann

Tobias Roth (*1985, Munich) is an author, translator, and editor working primarily in the field of poetry. His field of interest is broad: he deals with literary-historical topics such as the Italian Renaissance as well as with current ideas of the new life in garden cities. After his 2013 debut, the poetry collection Aus Waben, Tobias Roth has published over two dozen books. He is a founding partner of the publishing house Das Kulturelle Gedächtnis and has been publishing Die grüne Reihe at Sukultur Verlag Berlin since 2021. As part of the Droste Festival on City/Landscape in Transition, he will present the anthology he edited, Garden City Movement, and talk about how we can make urban space more rural.

Events with Tobias Roth