The Darvish

The Darvish
© Daniela Creanga

The Darvish is a self taught performance artist from Syria living in Berlin.
He is an organizer of cultural events and performance parties and works as a Creative & Artistic Director. His person is always featured in local and international magazines and articles. Recently, he contributed with his autobiography to the anthology book Zugzwänge: Flucht und Verlangen by author Vojin Saša Vukadinović.

The Darvish is co-host & co-organizer of Queens Against Borders, Berlin's largest solidarity party with trans/queer refugees, bridging the gap between the LGBT mena community and established Berlin artists. He also participates, together with drag queen Judy Ladivina, in the monthly show Yalla Hafla*, celebrating the culture and heritage of the Middle East.

He also collaborates with many drag performers on choreo and entertainment. The Darvish started his dance career only 3 years ago and his contribution to the Queer Berlin community left a remarkable story.