Stéphanie Lux

© Barbara Dietl

Stéphanie Lux was born in Thionville (France) in 1978. She studied German language and literature in Nancy, Strasbourg and Leipzig.

After two internships, at Frahlingur copywrite in Frankfurt am Main and at the publishing house Actes Sud in Arles, she took part in the Goldschmidt Program for young Franco-German literary translators in 2004, after which she signed her first translation contract and moved to Berlin. In 2006 she was a participant in the Summer Academy, and in 2007 and 2014 in the International Translators' Meeting at the LCB. She participated in the Franco-German translators' workshop Vice-Versa in Arles in 2013 and returned there in 2015 with a scholarship from the Robert Bosch Foundation. She lives in Berlin as a literary translator, also translating texts for punk books, exhibition catalogs, and artists' monographs (sometimes from English), and has worked occasionally as a bookseller at Anakoluth since 2013.

She is currently a mentor at the Translation Workshop into French of the Goldschmidt Program for Young Literary Translators*.