Selim Özdogan

© Tim Bruening

Selim Özdoğan grew up in the 1970s and 1980s as the child of Turkish parents in a particularly privileged situation: Everywhere he was favored because of his origin. His classmates gave him their break sandwiches, he was always let in front at the bakery, and his teachers reprimanded him particularly gently when he disrupted lessons - a youth with its head in the nectar chalice of life.

Since everything was too easy that way, he began to write. In 1995, his first novel Es ist so einsam im Sattel, seit das Pferd tot ist (It's so lonely in the saddle since the horse died) was published - probably the most honest and unsparing break-up novella in recent German literature.
Since then, numerous novels, stories and audio books have appeared.

It was the same with the literary prizes as it was with the snacks.

About his novel Wieso Heimat, ich wohne zur Miete, from which he will read, Fatih Akin says: "Nobody has ever told about integration, migration and identity in such a cool, poetic and entertaining way."