Ronald Lippok

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Ronald Lippok ( 1963 in Berlin) lives in Berlin. 1982 drummer of the East Berlin punk band Rosa Extra. Founded in 1983 with his brother Robert Lippok the experimental multimedia music project Ornament & Verbechen. 1986-1992 studied painting at the Berlin-Weißensee Academy of Art. 1995 foundation of Tarwater (with Bernd Jestram). 1995 Foundation of "To Rococo Rot"(with Robert Lippok and Stefan Schneider).
Works for numerous radio plays (including
Der geheimnisvolle Fremde, Mark Twain, directed by Kai Grehn), theater music (Tosca*, Volksbühne, directed by Sebastian Baumgarten) performances and readings. Since 2010 collaboration with the Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg.