Özkan Ezli

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Özkan Ezli is a literary and cultural scholar. He is dedicated to cultural theoretical and practical studies, with a transcultural and mobility focus based on literary, film, social, debate, and theoretical analyses as well as material culture. Özkan Ezli earned her doctorate with a comparative cultural analysis thesis on autobiographies and travelogues of Turkish, Arab, and German provenance from the 19th and 20th centuries. It was published in 2012 under the title Borders of Culture. Autobiographies and Travel Descriptions between Orient and Occident. Most recently, his book Narrative of Migration. Eine andere deutsche Kulturgeschichte, which is also his habilitation thesis, was awarded the Augsburg Science Prize for Intercultural Studies 2020 and just recently the De Gruyter Verlag Open Access Prize 2021. The book will be published in November 2021.

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