Miriam Michel

© Nicola Oswald

Miriam Michel (*1979, Saarbrücken) has been a successful director, performer, dramaturg, lecturer, and director of theater projects with young and old people since 2005.

Perception and individual comprehension of the humanly experienceable world are the starting point for her artistic work. She is part of the performance collective dorisdean that she founded in 2006. In the collective work, special attention is given to the "deviant body" and its impact on our communities.

Michel is a performer, singer and artist. She explores the world around her and the different realities of people through various media in audio/video opera performances and assemblage collages. The different media, concepts and positions she uses help her to examine her own point of view and to try out new ways of looking at things. Miriam Michel loves the Basic Law and the Charter of Human Rights and sees her artistic work also as a means to preserve these ideas.

Events with Miriam Michel