The group Messer was founded in 2010 in Münster and has so far released three albums and many other recordings, played countless tours and concerts, also internationally. Not least through works on Romy Schneider and Boris Vian, Messer have shown time and again that they are open in their choice of content, and that the musical form accordingly allows for experimentation, and often even proceeds from it. In doing so, they always show themselves as a band in which text and sound do not compete, but rather enter into complicity.
The members of the band Pogo McCartney, Milek, Philipp Wulf and Hendrik Otremba, who now live all over Germany, have long been known for countless other (not only) musical projects. But the place where they bring these influences, perspectives and experiences together is and remains Messer. This is where they return again and again, as friends, as artists.

Events with Messer