Leora Rosner

© Anastasiya Torshina

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I was born in New York, raised in Texas, lived in Israel and living in Amsterdam since 1975. My parents were always politically and socially active. Growing up in Texas I was exposed to much political activism, parents organising demonstrations, political gatherings, discussions and more. While in Israel I became intensely interested in photography and wound up choosing this as my profession. I did a short stint with UPI (United Press International) which changed my direction in photography, namely to photograph beautiful things instead.

Once I arrived in Amsterdam I made contact with a gallery and things took off from there. I worked for the Netherlands Body Building Federation followed by Netherlands Dance Theater in the Hague. From there I continued "shooting and exhibiting. During this time I drove a BMW 650cc motorcycle and loved it.

Soon after my daughter was born I became aware of climate change and the destruction we were causing the planet. I began organising demonstrations, joined climate groups and generally became a climate activist. During that time together with a social housing company, in 2009, I was able to get 4 rooftops planted. This was the first time with the help of a municipal subsidy. At the presentation of those 4 rooftops I came into contact with Prof. Helga Fassbinder, the amazing person behind Biotope City Journal which deals with urban greening including facades, rooftops and green architecture. She asked me to join the editorial staff and I said yes.

Soon after I founded the Growing Air Foundation to promote the (re)planting and restoration of forests worldwide. Growing Air Foundation also has been informing the public through social media just why trees/forests are so important for the health of the planet and ultimately us as well. After a meet up with the inimitable Louis Palmer of WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) I took part in 3 electric vehicle rallies together with Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport. Two of those rallies we drove in a buggy built by Green MotorSport which will eventually be used in a reforestation project in Brazil.

During this time I began a photo series about trees called Artistrees. At this time I am looking for a publisher for this series. Having had a few exhibitions with these photos has proven that given another view of trees changes how people see and perceive trees and therefore gain a better understanding of their importance. Recently I began writing poetry again and have discovered yet another outlet for climate/political activism. For the most recent poem, There's a heatwave running wild, I am looking for a videographer to enable me to carry it through to a greater public. Considering what is at stake I will not give up the fight for the planet, my daughter and all the daughters and sons of the younger and upcoming generations.