Laura Landergott

© Wolfgang Bohusch

Born in Austria in 1986.

After graduating from the Musikgymnasium Neustiftgasse, Vienna, and completing her studies in cultural and social anthropology and musicology at the University of Vienna, she moved to Berlin in 2013.

The multi-instrumentalist has worked several times as musical director for copy & waste, Franz von Strolchen and BigNOTWENDIGKEIT productions, including at Ballhaus Ost, Theater Discounter and Schauspiel Leipzig.

Her roots are in the band scene between Vienna and Berlin, in groups like Ja, Panik or Mile Me Deaf.

In early 2017 she founded the band RÁN together with Yair Karelic, who released their first EP Hunt Like Lions on 8MM Musik and are currently recording their debut LP at Studio X in Berlin. The songs are dedicated to questions of gender, lust and power in the rhythm of the pulsating present. RÁN sing about overcoming self-doubt, striving for self-empowerment and appeal to instinct, the dark sides in the shadows of the big city.