LANDSCHAFT is the music project of the renowned lyricist and storyteller Ulrike Almut Sandig and the Ukrainian poet, cultural activist and musician Grigory Semenchuk - the place where language enters the dimension of time. Sandig (Berlin) and Semenchuk (Lviv) met in 2015 in Kiev at a joint performance. Since then, as the poetry band LANDSCHAFT, they have been roaming through soundscapes and beats based on their German and Ukrainian poems. In German and Ukrainian, the word "landscape" is identical. So is Sandig and Semenchuk's enthusiasm for poetry at the intersection of hip-hop, electropunk and pop music. Sandig and Semenchuk's songs are poetic declarations of love for their German and Ukrainian homelands. But the self-titled debut album also tells of Europe as a hard-fought, dense winter forest. It's hard to look at each other here, to kiss, with Break News running against wartime backdrops. "Down there the highways are shining, up here we're shining," chimes Sandig's characteristic chant. Thanks to Semenchuk's driving bass, this album flies over all treetops and borders between genres and nations - shining. And now also over the Droste landscape. The debut album is available at Bandcamp or at the lyric-savvy Schöffling-Verlag.