Katja Lange-Müller

© Ute Doering

Katja Lange-Müller (*1951 in Berlin, GDR) is a writer.

In her novels and stories, she often writes about social outsiders and failures. The peculiarity of her texts lies in their casual, laconic tone, their eye for the comic, the grotesque, and their connection to the everyday.

After school, Katja Lange-Müller learned to be a typesetter and worked for four years in the Bild editorial department of the Berliner Zeitung. She then worked as an auxiliary nurse in closed psychiatric women's wards. From 1979 to 1982, she studied at the Institute of Literature in Leipzig before applying to leave the country and moving to West Berlin in 1984. Since then she has lived and worked in Berlin and in Rupperswil (Switzerland). In 1986 she received the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, followed by numerous other awards, including the Berlin Literature Prize (1989) and a scholarship from Villa Massimo (2012/13).
Since 2000 Katja Lange-Müller has been a member of the Akademie der Künste Berlin and since 2020 of the Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung Darmstadt.
Most recently, the novels Drehtür (2016) and Das Problem als Katalysator (2018) were published.