Karla Reimert

Karla Reimert, born in Berlin in 1972, works as an author, poetry mediator and organizer. Reimert studied comparative literature in Berlin. Since 2000, she has been the founder and board member of the network KOOK e.V. as well as the organizer of the poetic education/participation department at the Haus für Poesie. In addition, Reimert is co-founder of Netzwerk Lyrik e.V. She has received numerous awards for her texts, including the Würth Prize, the Rheinsberg Women Authors Forum Prize, and the Japanese Embassies Essay Prize. In 2003 Kafka für Eilige was published by Aufbau-Taschenbuchverlag, Berlin, from 2008 the new text of the culture bar by Geo-Brockhaus, in 2014 Picknick mit schwarzen Bienen by kookbooks and in 2021 Camp Zenith by kookbooks.