Kai Niggemann

© Katha Mau/JK

Kai Niggemann creates a poetic-abstract music, with the help of the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box.

He uses the Buchla and especially the random generators it contains, such as the "Source of Uncertainty" (module 266e), as a way out of the comfort zone and into a world of sound that is shaped by the here and now, by the moment, as playing partners live and improvised emerge.

He is in search of timbres and rhythmic structures that are far away from the diatonic & four-to-the-floor and that emerge from random structures musically weighted by the musician.

Kai runs the PARADEISER productions label (with Ruth Schultz), is a member of the giant band The Dorf, the electronic trio The Last Books (with Achim Zepezauer), improvises with Mia Zabelka as Redshift Orchestr, and co-founded the Internet/Laptop-European Bridges Ensemble (EBE) and the electroacoustic duo Resonator. In addition to a teaching position at the Kunstakademie Münster, he gives music-electronics workshops (soldering under supervision with Stan Pete).
In January 2018 his 10" vinyl Heart Murmur was released on Kalakuta Soul Records/WAF80music.