Julia Lerch-Zajączkowska

© Vedran Skansi

Julia Lerch-Zajączkowska is particularly interested in questioning the well-trodden institutional paths and creating new formats and spaces of possibility for collaborations. Most recently, she curated a project space within the exhibition project "Mobile Worlds or the Museum of our Transcultural Present" at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. The aim of the special exhibition was to exemplarily develop a new museum model for the post-migrant society, which contrasts the outdated categories and world views of the 19th century with the history of global interconnectedness.

She is a member of the Hamburg collective Hallo, an artistic space development format that offers international as well as local artists, architects and groups a platform beyond prefabricated structures. In collaborative production, in raw spaces, through collaborations and open processes, short- and long-term, public and communal spaces are thus created on a 1:1 scale. Their focus is on creating aesthetic, experimental spatial experiences, transdisciplinary collaborations and international exchange.