Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt

© Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt

Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt is Professor of Sociology of Music and Popular Music Studies at the Foundation University of Hildesheim. He was born in Stadtlohn in Westphalia in 1973 and grew up there. He then studied cultural studies, sociology and musicology at the University of Bremen, where he also received his PhD. From 2010-2012 he worked as a research consultant at the House of World Cultures Berlin in the projects Translating HipHop and Global Prayers. Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt gives Soundlectures combining his work as a scientist and musician. Since 2012 Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt has been working at the University of Hildesheim. In 2013 he organized, among others, the international conference Popular Orientalisms (2013).
His research focuses on: popular music, MusikmachDinge, postcolonial analysis.

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