Jayrôme C. Robinet

© Ali Ghandtschi

What makes a woman a woman and a man a man? After a sex change, Jayrôme C. Robinet has the direct comparison. With wit and lightness he tells his personal story and shows how much our behavior is shaped by prejudice - amazing, honest, highly political.

Jayrôme used to live as a white Frenchman. Then he moves to Berlin, starts taking testosterone and experiences a second puberty. He grows a dark beard - and suddenly he is spoken to on the street in Arabic. Whether in a café, in the changing room or at passport control, he notices that not only his identity, but above all the behavior of his fellow men has changed radically. He can compare: How am I treated as a man, how am I treated as a woman? And what does it mean when not only one's gender changes, but apparently also one's origin and age? In a rousing way, he tells about his queer everyday life and shows how crazy social perceptions and classifications often are.

Jayrôme C. Robinet, born in France in 1977, is a poet, spoken word artist, and translator. His most recent publication was The light is neither just nor unjust.

Jayrôme C. Robinet has been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships. He teaches at the Alice Salomon Hochschule and lives in Berlin.